Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Good God it's finally happened. I am sitting here in my cozy 1-bedroom Michigan apartment after a long day (1 of 2) of orientation, somehow linked to the internet (I think I'm mooching borrowing sharing with some new neighbours because I couldn't get any connection when I was here last week.

The phone number has been set up (after the people at Cingular sent me a number with the wrong area code and I had to get the whole thing reset...apparently "Lansing, Michigan" sounds exactly the same as "Des Moines, Iowa"). The cable/internet is a different, irritating story.

I called Comcast Monday night, requesting a set-up on any time between Wednesday-Friday. They initially said Saturday and impatient as I am prone to be, I asked them to see if they could fit me in earlier, citing that I reeeealllyyyyy needed it for school. Again confusion struck and they sent someone to my place on Tuesday (must be the connection) while I got here Tuesday at about 10pm. So yet again I called Tuesday night, and they promised someone would be there Wednesday, since there'd be a technician in the area, but they didnt know when. I left my brother and dad at home and came home tonight at 6pm to realize - no technician. Since then and now I made 3 calls. First two I was told the tech guy was on his way. At 9:30, I figured, he wasn't. My American living experience was so far turning sour. During the third call an over-enthused man told me he was very sorry, tried to make small talk about Canada ("yes, it does snow a lot there. No, not all the time.") and again solemnly vowed I'd get a call tomorrow (Thursday) telling me when they'd be there. I'd hold my breath, but then I wouldn't make it to the end of my law degree.

My dad and brother are leaving tomorrow, so I will offically be on my own. Once I get my place cleaned up I'll post pictures of it so you can see my new digs (do people use that word anymore?). Til then tomorrow is Day 2 of orientation. I've already met someone nice people, but no kindred spirits yet.

More to post tomorrow...since I'll be all alone with nothing to do until class on Tuesday.
Tuesday, August 29, 2006
After about a year of talking about moving the day is finally here. I leave my home in about two hours from now and make my way to Michigan to (finally) start law school. Who me? Law school? Live alone? Isn't that, like, a grown up type thing? I don't think I was aware of what I signed up for at the time...

Ah well, too late, car has been packed and a lot of new things bought. Most of my things are already there from my last trip up over the weekend. So all I have to do is, well, go.

Nervous? Yes. Scared? Maybe a little more than I'll actually admit too. Excited? Sure, there's excitement, it's just buried beneath the nervous and scared layers, but it's there. I've complained about how hard the whole process (applying to law school, getting admitted, moving, the work, etc) has been, but I know it's only the beginning, and I may have exaggerated just a tad (if you can't whine on your own blog then where can you?).

I won't have internet access until maybe Wednesday (the folks at Comcast still haven't called me back to confirm) but it may just drag on until Saturday. I'm busy with orientation things from tomorrow through Friday and after my dad and brother drop me off today, I'll be offically "on my own" on Thursday. The fear grows (I need the 'dun dun dunnnn' dramatic background music).

Wish me luck!
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
I don't know who this Murphy is/was and when/how/why he came up with his laws, but I don't like them.

In a nutshell ML says that when and where things can go wrong, where you are most hoping for them to go right, they will always go wrong. Have you ever gone to the mall to look for one thing? Just one, specific, item of clothing that you want, nay, need? My guess is most guys will say "mall? I don't even remember what it looks like from the inside", and most girls will say "I'm in the mall as I read this now" (I'm stereotyping/generalizing/sexismizing but could care less). I went in search of a grey (gray?) sweater vest. I searched shelves high and low in 3 different malls, in 3 different cities and came out with nothing. I found every other colour known to mankind peoplekind (that makes up for the previous comment) but no grey. GREY! Besides black and white I was certain it would be a popular colour, especially after a lady at the Bay told me it was very "in" this season. Well apparently, it wasn't "in" stores.

The search continues....

As of today I have one whole day to go before I move. Well ok, technically I'm leaving Friday, coming back Saturday night, then leaving Tuesday morning again, but the two days in between are my "in transit mode" days. I technically don't live here after the 25th, or so my parents say. I'm attending a workshop on the 26th (for which I've been given an assignment to brief 5 cases..*&#@!!!) only reason for my return trip is to a) drop my mom back home and trade her in for my brother (need more muscle power) and b) pick up more of my stuff to take back. I will offically be a landed immigrant in the US of A as of the 29th. Orientation starts on the 30th and ends on the 1st. My dad and brother will leave on the 31st, and classes start September 5th. Oh and I have homework due for the first day of class. yip...eeeeeee...*yawn*

The new season of Prison Break started this Monday. Can you believe the thing that happened, happened? I mean c'mon!

Umm, I've run out of things to say. Sorry kids, no words of wisdom (or clarity) in this post. Just a bunch of nonsensicalness to pass the time until the Daily Show starts.

(P.S. Anyone who finds a grey sweater vest must call/email/comment immediately to notify me, consider it an act to rebel against the evil Murphy).
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
I am bored. So very bored that I finally ventured onto Hi5 and updated my profile, left comments for many people, checked out many pictures of people connected to the people I know.

I Photoshopped many pictures, changed the image on this blog, thought of starting a new blog. Thought of deleting this blog (it's starting to seem narcissistic to continue with this blog written by me, about me, and for me).

I caught up on emails. Filled out surverys sent to me by Web Perspectives. Read every blog I've bookmarked on the web. Caught up on news. Called old friends to catch up. Watched three movies (Failure to Launch, The Family Stone and Inside Man). Wrote 'Thank you' cards to people. Sold some items on eBay. Bought some items on eBay. Checked online for all the books I need for school. Read as much as I could from them through

Books are packed, so couldn't read. Can't buy new ones (no money). I checked all old credit card statements for mistakes. Watched too many cartoons for my good. Teased my sister to the point she ran away from me and threatened not to come back.

In short, I'm bored (did I say that already?). I've turned into an Internet vagabond.

Have I packed? Meh...I'll get to it tomorrow.
Monday, August 14, 2006
And here I was complaining about Halloween candy already being out in stores. Seems like those 'best of 2006' lists are already out though we've got about 4+ months to go before year end: releases it's 50 Coolest Websites of 2006
The Rise

- the number of people opting for plastic surgery to 'fix' things they don't like about their body. I could say I disapprove of any form of alteration to our natural state, but then I'd be a hypocrite. Girls wax, tweeze, pluck, add layers of make-up to themselves everyday. This is definitely not the natural form. These days many guys are also following suit and doing the same (though less obviously in some cases). Though plastic surgery is a permanent change, I know many girls who won't leave the house without a full routine of make-up, whether it's going to the grocery store or a party. "Permanent makeup" is now also very popular. It's pretty much a tatoo of colour on your face, and many people are deciding to take this route, rather than apply the make-up daily. I'm not judging them; if they are more comfortable that way, then that's great. But it does bring to mind the question, what's the difference whether you make the change surgical or temporary? Personally I would never go under the knife (a conceited, or at least confident, person would say there's was nothing that needed changing!) for a number of reasons, but at the same time, I can't judge and condemn those who do.

- my school schedule is looking up. I don't have any classes starting before 1pm and I have Friday's off. I know most of the professor's I'll have and I've checked them out on and a couple of them are great, a couple not so great. Only drawback is a class I have on Thursdays from 7-9pm. My parents don't like the idea of me being at school that late, I don't like the idea that I'll miss Scrubs and may be late watching ER. Oh, and the whole thing about being able to drive home on Thursday nights to spend the weekends here. That's sorta important too (as long as I get home before 10pm EST, I'm ok..ER!)

- I'm blogging more frequently. Why is that? More to say? Or maybe more desperate to get it out into the open. Seeking attention? That's probably not such a plus point. Though then again, depending on who reads your blog, you really don't know who you're getting attention from, so that can't be it. Maybe it's nerves. Nervousness arising from all that is coming up in two weeks from now. Yeah, that must be it.

The Fall

- It's gettin' cold outside. The season is taking it turn and instead of humid, warm breeze, a sharper, stronger breeze is taking it's place. I've always loved that Tim Horton's commercial where a girl is walking in a neighbourhood and a browining leaf falls to the ground at her feet. She takes one glance and turns on heels and runs down the sidewalk screaming. It sort of made me feel like that when I saw the weather forecast.

- I saw Halloween candy at Zellers. HALLOWEEN! Orange and black boxes with pumpkins and witches drawn on the side, filled to the bring with toothsome concoctions of chocolate and chips. It's two and a half months away! Who buys Halloween candy now!?

- Birthday is coming up (in about 2 1/2 months, but it'll be here soon). This means turning a year older. Which means a different sort of pressure arises from the parents regarding the 'M' word. The world starts to make a little more sense as you close the book on the "quarter life crisis" and understand yourself better. The worst thing about this upcoming birthday is that I will be so far away from all my friends and family. For the first time no one at home will rush into my room when the clock strikes midnight to wish me a "happy birthday". Friends won't come over to pass on more wishes and love. Yeah, most people say I will make new friends once I get there, but it's not like anyone will know my birthday, and this really isn't the age to go telling everyone when it is just for the attention. Ah well, what can I do? My birthday falls on a Monday this year so I will be tucked away in my Michigan apartment studying away.

Remember when birthdays were about sharing cupcakes with your kindergarten class? You'd get to be the special helper for the day, and you ruled the sandbox. Anyone who did not give you the best toys had to be reminded by yourself and others that since it was your birthday, the rules of sharing existed only for them. Presents included: Skip-it, Lite Brite, My Little Pony, Barbie, Tonka Trucks, Atari, Nintendo, Cabbage Patch Kid, View Master, Care Bear, Clue, Operation, Popples, My Little Buddy (or My Sister) and of course, Legos.

As you grew older, gone were the cupcake days, as well as the days of cakes shaped as Barbie (I never had one of those, but I really wanted one when I was about 8). You entered junior high and it became about having either a small party at your house, or going out for a supervised movie. Presents included any sort of cool jewellry or clothes (for girls) that you could get out of the $20 your parents gave you to spend. I have no ideas what guys got at this age...?

High school, the parties moved to restaurants and elsewhere with the biggest group of friends you could manage to draw out for that special night. It also became a silent contest to see who could do the most grown up thing for their parties. Presents included pretty much anything. Around this time most people started working and earning their own money so gifts, although maybe not so expensive or personal, didn't fall into any one category - except nothing nerdy like a book (gasp!).

When you entered university/college, the group of friends helping you celebrate your day diminished. Left were the close friends who took you out to dinner and let you decide on the place. The choice of restaurants began to change though. East Side Mario's wasn't the default anymore as taste and price ranges expanded (this may also have something to do with access to a car). Presents became more thoughtful and varied. Books were allowed back in as an acceptable gift.

(Note: I am perfectly willing to accept any of the above as a present for my upcoming birthday. Especially a Nintendo. With Mario Bros. #1-3)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
I am surrounded by boxes.
I am surrounded by boxes that are taped shut.
I am surrounded by boxes that are taped shut and not labeled.
I am surrounded by boxes that are taped shut and not labeled - and I can't find my school documents.

Theres about 4 weeks before I start classes and already I have reading assignments for each class. I haven't even received my schedule, let alone book list! After having a year and a half break between undergrad and law school, I think my brain has numbed a bit. The idea of reading and preparing for class sounds so foreign.

Watch this. (Sorry Rehan, I'm stealing borrowing your thunder)

And this.

Where would be today without the Internet? Obviously, you wouldn't be reading this. It's amazing how this technology has changed how we do business, how we shop, how we socialize and how we relax. We've become overly dependent on technology. So much that even the simple task of using Windex spray to clean windows has been made 'easier' by having pre-soaked wipes in canisters available. All that spraying straight from the bottle was hurting my trigger finger. We're paying the price environmentally. Wipes like these don't last long, aren't easily biodegradeable, and create unnecessary waste.

However, I feel lost if I can't log onto the web everyday and read the newspaper, check my email, and pretty much stay connected with the entire world. Disconnection syndrome!

Here's a timeline that shows how the Internet has progressed over the last 15 years.

(Can you believe that 10 years ago this August there were only 342,081 websites online!? Four years later that number jumped to nearly 20 millon. Today there are approximately 92,615,362 websites.)

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
-Albert Einstein
Monday, August 07, 2006

There is a story of someone who is acting on their beliefs - even on the happiest day of her life, she decided to spend it where it would have the most meaning.

It's not very often that you find something to be so passionate about. The writer (the bride) is actually raised (and I think born) in the U.S. so it's not very often that people go back to their roots in such a way. I could never imagine what it's like to see the struggle of Palestine from her point of view. I'm an outsider like most other who sees their world through the media. Personal stories like this are hard to come by amongst all the stories about civilian deaths and attacks.

When I read this, I feel guilty for not being able to do anything. I don't think I'm an Joan of Arc, but, at the same time, I want to be part of a change. Voting for our country's government doesn't go very far. The outcome of the last federal election was anticipated. Invoking change in the more influential G8 countries is near impossible. Regardless of the number of rallies and protesters, politicians will continue to follow the path of power and money.

It's easier to make changes in other parts of our society. Debt relief, firearm control and regulation, poverty and the environment are all things we can work and and improve. There's no overall solution, but there has been, and will continue to be progress. That's why I've always looked into organizations such as Oxfam, an NGO that works at the grassroot level to encourage change.
Saturday, August 05, 2006
And just when I thought I'd change this blog template no more - I did. Not a major change though, just a tweak of colour here and there, and of course the colourful title that I borrowed from one of the different posters for the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I tried re-sizing the that image, but it came out funny so for now it's left as is (any and all help from a computer whiz would be much appreciated in this matter!).

I added a couple more link as well.
Anonymous Lawyer (no I'm not that blog's author), is a hilarious blog, featured in Time magazine's '100 Best Websites of 2005' list (it was under the blog category). It supposed to be by a fictional hiring partner in a big law firm, who talks about his life there and all the difficulties he faces. The blog became so popular that the author recently came out with a book. Skim through it and I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do.
Thursday, August 03, 2006
On the surface, I'm the 'quiet observer'. I'm pretty easy going as far as I know - I'm not picky, I don't get into arguments, and I don't yell at the Tim Horton's lady for getting my order wrong. Though I do have a teeny, tiny anger problem. My temper flares up easily (but cool down just as quickly - kinda like a gas stove...?) and though I've learned not to hold grudges, I still feel like my temper gets the better of me. I end up saying and doing things I wish I hadn't in the heat of the moment, and then because of my stubborn nature, it takes me awhile to come around an apologize.

A few people have said this is all because I'm a
Scorpio. But as much as the characteristics of that zodiac sign apply to me (completely), I have a tough time believing a set of stars have laid out my personality (am I really that predictable?) and all the other millions born at during that time. Though it seems people are predisposed to a certain nature, such as being an extrovert/introvert, it has more to do with nature and nurture than a few hundred massive, glowing, interstellar, gaseous bodies (stars, people...stars).

A good friend who I recently had a surprisingly long chat with told me to write out the things that anger me. Sort of a release. Though I'm not really inclined to write out deep thoughts on a public blog, I figured I'd list a few of the smaller things that get me angry (I had to start somewhere, S.M.):

  • LSAT
  • Slow drivers in the left lane
  • When someone messes with the showerhead
  • Shifting the angles of the mirrors in my car (I know where you door to me!)
  • PeOplE WhO AlwAYs TypE LiKe ThIs
  • "Hi lol." "How are you?lol." "That sooooo funny looooooollllll." "lol, really? lol" "lol. yes i do think that the war should end. lol"
  • trucks
  • being a people pleaser
  • people who try so hard to be different, that the only reason they're different, is to show up others (everyone knows one person like that, don't they?)
  • Trucks that think they're cars
  • People who walk into the bank, on a Saturday, last/first day of the month, 15 minutes before closing, and complain about the line up. ("Yes sir it's busy. Yes, I invited them all here for kicks, just in case you showed up today. Why? To mess with you head, sir.")
  • Gold teeth. (a few hearts in the ATL just broke)
  • LSAT (the 2nd time)
  • Folks who comments on how disgusting a certain meal or dish is...while you are eating it
  • Teenagers (most of them. Were we all as annoying as they are these days!?)
  • Waiting (and waiting and waiting...and waiting) for law school letters.
  • Insomnia
  • Pompous-ness
  • Leaving milk out on the counter (so it becomes room temperature when the next person wants it)
  • Bush supporters (on par with teenagers and trucks)
  • CNN (see above)
  • LSAT
  • ((the fact that I use so many parentheses [in all my writing] {unnecessarily}) can't help that I have too much to say [it annoys you too, doesn't it!?])

Ok that's all I can think of, for now. It does feel good to get that all off my mind. But do feel free to vent and add your own. My blog is your blog - though it's still mine.

(Did I really compare myself to a gas stove..!? [shoot, I used parentheses...again!])
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
After over 4 years at my job, Saturday was my last day. Further proof that I'm actually on my way to leaving all that is normal for the semi-unknown. It was sad, because despite all the whining, I still adore all the people I work with and the few odd clients (many who were kind enough to call or come in on my last day to wish me luck).

I had to give Rogers a one-month notice today that I will be canceling my cell phone service as of August 31st as well. I cancelled my gym membership. Decreased all the limits on my credit cards. Added my parents to my bank accounts. Filled out all the forms for the Ontario Ministry of Health, to let them know that I'll be moving (apparently you have to inform them of every move you make to make sure you're always eligible for coverage).

There's still a long checklist to go, but slowly everything seems to be wrapping up. Oddly, it still hasn't hit me that I'm moving. Maybe once I'm actually there, unpacking boxes, will I actually absorb the fact that I'm starting a new part of my life. In the mean time I'm replying to questions ("So, are you ready?") and trying to tie up loose ends (cell phone service, organizing stationary supplies). I think subconsciously I may just be avoiding the idea of moving. Though a certain friend just believes I'm being lazy and it has nothing to do with my 'subconscious' (Ahem, I have a degree in psychology -- I think I know a couple things about the way a mind works, missy). Just until about a month ago, I hated it when anyone would bring up the move, or school, or a combination of the two. It's not just the embedded disdain for Michigan I've always had (it just shows how great my luck is that I'd end up there of all 50 US states. Irony is not amusing.). But I've always hated change. I think I've even written lengthy blog posts on more than one occasion just on that topic. And this isn't just the whole "they've discontinued oatmeal raisin cookies at Starbucks" type of change (can you believe they did that!?), this is that "you're stranded alone on a deserted island with only a volleyball to keep you company" deals.

Yes, ok -- fine. It's not that drastic. But it's close. Feels so close that I think all I need are a few coconuts and a volleyball to make the scenario complete (I think my mom has packed both...). It just feels odd to have all these things finishing. To say 'goodbye' to friends and family.

Everyone keeps telling me I'll be fine. That this will be a great experience for me and that I'll do well. Much appreciated, really and truly. But in reality, they're not the ones moving. They get to keep a 416 area code for their cell phones, whereas I have to adopt a 517. Miniscule, tiny detail, but it's still there. They don't have to land in a city of strangers and start a new horrifying experience, commonly known as law school.

Oh I know, cry me a river. Poor lil 23 year old has to become independent and do something so horrible as go to law school to, hopefully, have a good career. Wah, wah, wah. I get it, I'm not appreciating it for what it's worth. Glass is half empty when it really is half full. In short, I'm whining, right? Well to those who think so, I say, get off my blog (though thanks for dropping by!).

In actuality, I am excited. Obviously, a little nervous (enough to make me defensive and berate people in cyber-space). I do believe that whatever will happen will be for the best -- and if not, I'll help turn the situation around to make it so.

Still, with the prospect of being alone in a brand new place (country!), I can't help but wonder what to name my volleyball (since Wilson is already taken). Tom?