Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Exam Preparation Checklist:

_x_ Red Bull (sugarless, chilled - 2 cans for every 8 hours of study)

_x_ Oreos (original or double stuffed)

_x_ Twix chocolate bar(s)

_x_ Bottled water (chilled and room temperature)

_x_ Almonds (for the healthy option)

_x_ Red seedless grapes (also healthy but fun to munch)

_x_ Two pillows (for sitting on the bed with my back to the wall at home)

_x_ not-too-thick-not-too-thin blanket (for at home studying)

_x_ comfy track pants and hoodie

_x_ colourful highlighters

__ Textbooks (note to self: remove plastic wrap on all books)

_x_ Post-it sticky notes

_x_ laptop

__ prescribed computer wear glasses (note to self #2 - find prescribed computer wear glasses)

_x_ headphones (to drown out the unnecessarily chatty girls sitting in front of me)

_x_ "24" season 4 DVD (for my "break time")

_?_ Lecture notes (missing lecture #6-8...?)

__ Brain

_x_ Sense of sheer terror and dread of exams

_x_ Realization that sleep can no longer be a necessity


Blogger Airam said...
Yup ... sounds about right. I'm finishing up my program in a week and have a ton of stuff still to do.

Good luck!

Blogger Bre said...
Ha! That's so familiar from my test-taking day! Good luck!

Anonymous mousehunter said...
good luck!

Blogger mezba said...
Good luck! I would omit the laptop though - I recently had to take an exam and the internet was the biggest distraction, particularly facebook and reading all your blogs!

Blogger Hafsa said...

Good Luck :)

Blogger Totally Frank said...
Yep, that does sounds about right !! Although for me I would have to have LOADS OF Galaxy rippleā€™s on standby to help with the stress .....yum!

Good luck!


Blogger Humz said...
Hee hee - that sounds like me right now - minus the grapes! Good luck studying girl and believe me sleep is definitely a necessity - you need your brain to be fresh so it can retain the max amount of info! GO AKA GO!

Blogger 'liya said...
Good luck!

..oh and this reminds me that I have to create an exam soon for my own students to write.. don't hate me! lol

Blogger AKA said...
Thank you, thank you everyone for the good wishes! Best of luck to all of you writing exams and finishing programs!

'liya, I couldn't hate you girl - you're a teacher who takes her students to the movies! Plus you're going to have to mark all those exams, I don't envy you there!

Blogger ZenDenizen said...
Oreo and Twix and Red Bull?! I wouldn't sleep for days :)

PS I'm most likely visiting Sydney in October, you going to be around???

Blogger Miss Specs said...

Ooh...looks like you got it just about nailed. I'll use this list for my exams too!

Blogger Hafsa said...
i saw this logo contest, and thought of you:



Blogger AKA said...
Zendenizen - Yup I will most definitely be here! I'm actually a little north of Sydney, but I'll email you and give you specifics :) would love to meet you though!

Miss Specs - Good luck for your exams!

Hafsa - that's so nice of you - thanks! I wish I was as gifted in designing logos..!

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