Friday, August 17, 2007
I'm in disbelief over the idea that my first semester of law in Australia is over. I just wrote my last exam yesterday and after sighing with relief, the adrenaline that I had worked up over the anticipation, anxiety and exhaustion wore out and I was completely drained - but still very relieved. It seems to me that the days are flying by so much quicker these days and although sometimes I think that it's good in the sense that I can get on with the process of law school more quickly and go home during breaks, it also saddens me to realize that we're having difficulty holding on to moments within our days.

It seems like I was just preparing to come here and right now I'm sitting amongst three open suitcases packing up my residence room to move off campus and to also leave for home on Monday morning. It's that feeling you have when you wait for something for so long and the anticipation grows, but the moment passes by so quickly that the afterthought seems longer than the wait up to it.

I'm going to be busy with moving and traveling back home over the next few days, and right now I'm just avoiding looking at the pile of clothes, paper and odds and ends because sleeping seems like a much better alternative to packing and moving! But I have about a 20+ hour flight for that so I'll save it for then.

I'm excited to go home and possibly meet more bloggers(?). Just the idea of mom's cooking, my old bed, lovely friends, and Tim Horton's coffee! I just hope the three weeks that I am home will be slow enough to enjoy :)
Anonymous mousehunter said...
Enjoy the time home as best you can, catch up with your sister while she grows up. Don't forget the australian parafenelia for the family! At least a stuffed koala or kangaroo teddy bear!

Blogger 'liya said...
Oh my goodness.. already!? That went by fast - I feel like I was just reading about you arriving there! Eek, I feel like summer is slipping through my fingers now!

Congratulations on finishing your first semester over there :D

P.S Thanks so much for the movie idea, it went really well!

Blogger Humz said...
Cant wait to see ya when you get back!

Blogger Hash & Hana said...
hey we gotta get together when u get back!

Blogger ZenDenizen said...
Let me know if you decide to visit NYC.

Anonymous ruby said...
Congrats on finishing your first term in Oz! Woohoo! I know you killed those exams, yay you! Don't worry I've had a talk with the Timekeeper, the clocks are going to be set to extra slow while you're home.

Blogger BanikaB said...
Hey love.... I agree with Liya, it does feel like just yesterday you left. THank goodness! Hopefully you finish your entire degree and it always feels like this!

I'm counting down til you get here! The last time we talked you were...tired. So I hope we can properly catch up.

Tell you gramma to start making food cause I'm coming over!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
YAY!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! I might have a lil surprise for you when you see me next.. tee hee.

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