Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Back to home cooked meals, family, Tim Horton's coffee, friends, familiar places, Tim Horton's coffee, my own car, regular sized coin and bills, same time zone as everyone else,Tim Horton's coffee...

It's good to be home again and it's odd because it feels like Australia was almost a dream that I just woke up from so I never really left home. Then again at other moments it feels like I've been gone for a year instead of about 4 months.

I'm taking a few more days off from blogging...mainly because I cannot drag my sister away from the computer as easily as before and because mind is on 'hibernate' mode and I'm really not thinking of anything else but what I'll have for lunch, who I'll go out to see and what movie I can watch. I was given a set of documentaries and found a Noam Chomsky book I've been meaning to read, but intellectual stimulation seems so unnecessary right now. Not when there is homemade ice cream and old Bollywood movies in the house...
Anonymous ruby said...
My jaw was on the floor when you said you were going to read Noam Chomsky on your holidays...I'm kinda glad you're not.

Blogger mezba said...
Ah, sister has now grown up, eh? Doesn't listen to you as well as before, right.


I know the feeling.

Blogger Enyur said...
Welcome back AKA!!! It does seem like yesterday when you wrote about leaving for Australia!

Time is flying by ever so quickly's scary!

Enjoy your holidays!

P.S. I'm a Tim Horton's coffee drinker...not sure why I'm so addicted to it...I guess it helps me maintain my sanity :o)

Blogger ZenDenizen said...
I never heard of Tim Horton's before but they were all over Maine! Ever try Baronet's Blueberry coffee? Delicious!

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