Saturday, October 20, 2007
Had to share this with you - a bit of a conversation between my 8 year old sister and I on MSN (don't worry, she's only got me, my brother and one cousin on there and she doesn't know the password, only I do):

M says:
the computer won't let us talk so much longer :(

M says:
because the bar is getting really small

AKA says:
the bar? what bar?

M says:
the little bar on the side

(*moments later it clicks*)
AKA says:
ohhhh no! Baby that has nothing to do with how long you can talk!

AKA says:
It's called a "scroll bar". See the little triangles at the top and bottom of the bar?

M says:

AKA says:
if you click on it the screen will go up and it will show you what we've written to each other so far

M says:
Anonymous ruby said...
She is ADORABLE!!!!

Anonymous working said...
Awww, so cute!

Anonymous mousehunter said...
Haha...cute. Kudos to her for even thinking of it like that!

Blogger BanikaB said...
I'm glad her innocence has been left untouched. That's saying alot with older siblings like you and your brother! =P

And thank you for clearing up the MSN access details. I was gonna give you a scolding if she had her own account!

Blogger 'liya said...
Awww!!! :D

Glad to see you back to blogging!

Blogger Hash & Hana said...
your sister is sooo cute!!!

Blogger AKA said...
Ruby - she takes after her older sister, but of course ;)

Working - you should see the random things that this kids says. I should have kept a log!

Mousehunter - she is a smart one, worries my brother and I if she gets too smart for her our good!

banikab - and just what do you mean by that? My brother and I are the innocent ones if anything!

I made the account for her since we weren't always able to talk on the phone when I was at the library etc, so now we all leave each other offline messages, keeps her happy

'liya - Thanks :)

Hana - people do say she's exactly like me as a kid you know :P

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