Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Hi, my name is Khadeeja, and I'm a TLC-aholic ("Hi Khadeeja!"). THERE! I said it! Feels good to get it out. Well not really, because now everyone wants an explanation! Ok so here I go. I've become addicted to TLC over the past few months. It started early summer I think, when I had to put up with daytime soap operas, which for the record I have never watched but at the same time can't be bother to follow. So I flip around and find TLC's "Perfect Proposal". "Okay...now is this another reality show?? You know the boy-meets-15-girls-and-must-choose-one-in-the-name-of-true-love shows?". I watch a little and find that its actually a show where a guys uses the show to help propose to this then girlfriend using different scenarios. I wasn't new to TLC then...I think most of us have watched at least a little bit of "A Makeover Story" or "A Wedding Story", but then I started watching the evening lineup....the obsession begins!

I became a huge fan of the "Trading Spaces", "While You Were Out", and "What Not To Wear", or as known by people like me, TS, WYWO, and WNTW. I have yet to figure out exactly why or how I became addicted. I think all three shows just have certain elements of different things I like. Sure home decorating doesn't exactly scream drama and excitement, but it's cool to see them transform rooms into completely new ones with just $1000 (yes, I did use the word "cool"!). I mean you're giving someone happiness in their home! What could be better?? Ok so if home decor aint your thing, there's always WNTW. They give some poor homely person $5000 on a Visa to go shopping in NYC. And then they do the whole hair/makeup deal and TA-DA brand new person! And I know many people think that's really superficial etc., but the person always comes out with such a higher self-esteem and happiness then I think it works! And if not, you got $5000 and a free trip to an awesome city, plus a chance to be on TV! And yes I do like all the host of these shows...they all reek of perky bubbliness that it almost makes you sick, but they can be funny too!

And while in the swing of confessions....yes I'm registered on the website too....I think I just lost the respect of a lot of people...lol.

Ok ok....so that is a little not so cool, but my other TV obsession is much better, and you'd all have to agree it's a great show (if you don't agree, then.....well, you suck). What show? ER of course! I'm a huge fan of the show. Every Thursday at 10pm, I am GLUED to the TV, and no one is to talk to me until commercial breaks, or when spoken too, lol. Hey ask my family if you don't believe me! haha. Seriously though, get me started and you might regret it. I won't do it here...though I am tempted, because I think whoever is actually reading this will stop right about here if I did. But it's a healthy addiction! I mean everyone's got that one show or something they love right? I don't tape the show and rewind every moment...so I think that's a few steps behind the crazies who are truly obsessed. And no I don't belong to any ER fan clubs (but if you know of one, please do tell lol).
But they have a brown chick on the show! And Anupaum Kher and his wife were on the show! You gotta support the desi's in Hollywood right?

I think I should stop about now....this might be raising some eyebrows and causing people to take me off their MSN lists hahaha....

but you guys must have some favorite shows right? A little more obssessed than me maybe? Good...it'll make me feel better =)

Maaniya has the chicken pox!!! My poor baby sis!!! She's only 5! It's not fair...poor kid has to stay at home for a couple weeks, so she's really not looking forward to that. We all loved kindergarten right? Well I was sort of bullied then (probably a friend of Shazia's), but otherwise I had fun. But Maaniya loves school, so she's sad to not be going. Thankfully she's doing really well. She's not complaining and the chicken pox is not that severe. I had it in gr.8 and it was REALLY bad and I missed out my graduation then because of it. But thankfully both my bro and now Maaniya didn't get it too bad.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

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If only it were that easy huh?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
It went great! I'm glad I changed my mind about going to grad. I ran around the day before at Eaton's Centre trying to find something to wear (yes I know, I'm such a girl) but then realized....I'll have a gown on! So that made it a little easier. Though it started at 7, I had to be there by about 5 to be able rent out the gown ($75 deposit - $15 rental = $60 back when you return it). Of course seeing as how it was my family, we got there about 5:25pm and were faced with the challenge of parking! When I saw how pack it was I thought for sure we'd get some far of spot and I'd have to run to get my gown on time. Thankfully, we got a spot right in front of Convocation Hall! So I left my parents, made a mad dash to Knox College only to find a long line of anxious would-be grads waiting to get their gowns too. I made it through the line pretty quick and it was about 6pm by now but I wanted to see my parents before I went in to get the procession organized. I had told them to wait outside for me so I could see them before we took our seats just because I know they wanted to see me in the gown (awwwh)...but my ulterior motive was to give them my coat and bag lol...yes yes and to see them.

After taking a couple pics I went back inside and went to the room with UofT Mississauga on it and was surprised at how many grads there were from our campus! I had to get my pass and wait until everyone finally arrived. Our Marshall finally stuffed everyone in the small room and began explaining the procedure. She told us to get in our lines according to the number we were given. Easier said than done. It was a flurry of black garments scurrying from one end of the room to the other, asking each other "What number are you?", "Am I in the right line", "What do you mean I need a number!?". Eventually we got ourselves properly lined up. The room got really warmn because of all the people, and we had to wait about a half hour before we were finally led from Knox College out to Con Hall.

It may sound cheesy, but you feel pretty important walking in there with your grad gown on, everyone staring at out, and you making this grand entrance into Con Hall. For those that don't know, Convocation Halls has circular seating like in a stadium rather than auditorium style. As we walked in an organ was playing and then came the cameras. Now I have an idea of what a celebrity goes through on the red carpet, and it's not fun. Hundreds of camera flashes went off left, right and centre as anxious family members snapped away at their darling graduates. It made me pretty dizzy and my head ached a little with all the bright flashes and it took awhile but I finally spotted my parents in the balcony.

So then the ceremony starts and in walk all the PhDs, Deans, President and Chancellor. They take awhile to sit and then the speeches begin. Surprisingly, it didnt take as long as I expected with the speeches - there was one from the President then the Honorary Doctorate was announced and she gave a great speech (anyone know the apparently famor Liona Boyd, a guitarist/singer? Well she was presented the doctorate degree). And then finally our turn! And of course Scarborough went first...they did the Hon. B.A., then B.A.s then the Hon.B.Sc. and B.Sc.s which took awhile. Meanwhile I sat there watching each set of people go up (they send up 2 ppl at a time) shake hands with either the Chancellor or President, then disappear to get their degree and picture taken (they dont give you the actual degree on stage - you just shake hands and leave). Then they did the Mississauga campus in the same order.

Finall my turn! Our Marshall motioned for us to get up and go around the line to wait to be called. I remember my mom waving at me frantically trying to get my attention so she could take a picture. Finally they called my name and I went up with another girl, shook hands with the Chancellor and just turned and walked down the stage and out the door around. One of the volunteers asked me my name and handed me my degree (at last!) and I waited, got my picture taken (which I have no doubt that it turned out badly as all my pics do) and went back inside to take my seat and wait for the rest of the degrees to be conferred.

When it was all over I found my parents, and my dad had bought me roses! We took some pics and I went to return my gown (after having waited in a longer line than the first time around). And about 9:45pm we left. And that was that!


So the grad part is done, but I'm still taking a couple courses and finally feeling the heat - out of nowhere theres so much work that's piled up! I have 2 big papers and a seminar presentation and a test all due Dec. 7th (and a meeting... to top it all off). I was doing ok throughout the semester and now it all comes down to Dec. 7th!

Luckily I only have 2 exams, but unluckily they're both on Dec. 13th so I have to do the whole "study early" thing lol. I have a work Christmas part on Dec.11th and I'm being forced to go (branch bought my ticket) so I thing I'll have to put in all that time management stuff I've heard so much about haha..

Despite all these deadlines headed my way I still found time to watch some movies after a long time! I saw The Incredibles, and it was hilarious!!! I loved it from beginning to end. Watch out for the baby Jack Jack...you'll see why! I saw The Terminal (I can't say enough about how I love Tom Hanks....really good movie!), Spider-Man 2 (too mushy!! Need more action!! GO Spidey GO!), Veer-Zaara (bollywood movie...pretty good - a little on the emotional side, but the star of the movie made it worth it lol)

hmmm that about covers it for now...but as requested by my loyal fans (shout out to the 2 of you out there...lol) I've updated this and so give me a week or so before I get more to talk about!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Tomorrow is Graduation Day! Yay! I've finally made it through my undergrad years and am graduating tomorrow evening at the St.George (downtown) campus. This calls for a flashback....I remember my first day of university. I woke up an hour before my alarm went off because of the nervous excitement and I remember sitting on the stairs waiting for my friend Shazia to pick me up. My mom started the whole "I can't believe you're so grown up" speech. It's so cliche to say, but that seems just like it was yesterday! And now next thing I know I'm graduating tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have another one in about four years after making it into and out of law school...but that's a whole other story. Undergrad was a great learning experience as I'm sure all the rest of you grads will agree. You get to go through some incredibly stressful, anxiety-filled and confusing times, but in the end it's all worth it...besides the degree and having spent thousands in tuition, you figure out your direction (or lack of) in life. What could be better! Ok so I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow...my parents will no doubt be camera-happy...help....
Saturday, November 13, 2004

Another blessed month of Ramadan gone by and it's time for Eid! I want to wish all of you and your families a wonderfully happy and healthy Eid - May Allah (swt) accept all our dua's and keep us in the best of intentions and faith. Ameen!

So where's everyone going for prayers?? I think Coopers is doing it at Trillium again this year, so we'll insh'Allah be going there. And for the second time in the past couple years we'll be having ONE Eid here! YAY! I've always disliked the fact that we become so divided during these times, and have to go around asking who's celebrating what when. But - though I may be completely out of place by saying it - it seems like sometimes these hilaal committees go for the convenience factor? Just because it could fall on a Sunday, they'll announce that Eid is that day because everyone is off from work.

I'm not trying to make any accusations, but just seems like that...am I the only one who thinks this?? ISNA, ICNA and Fiqh Council of North America have declared Eid for Sunday November 14, but I always thought they follow Saudi Arabia, who's announced Eid for this Saturday. Maybe this is a subject better left untouched. A lot of these things tend to get to "political" so it's probably better to leave it up to those officials who run the committees and just follow along.

On another note...I've FINALLY figured out how Robart's library (downtown UofT) looks like a peacock! Ever since someone told me the architectures idea was to build it as a peacock, I've spent so much time trying to figure out what angle exactly they saw this at, because for the life of me I couldnt figure it out. But on Thursday I was downtown and walking along St George and Harbord when I just looked up and there it was! When I saw it, I literally when "OHHH! I get it" out loud, though no one else was with me lol. Just one more of those arbitrary goals in life is off the list...=)
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I just found this really funny site called "Sorry Everybody.com" . It has tons of pictures of people all across the US who sent in pics of them holding up signs or something along that lines that says "sorry" for the Bush re-election....it's about time!

Samples of some quotes

"This is one of the 55,902,001 Americans that votes against Bush who would like to apologize for the 59,422,689 idiots that did"

"I'm sorry for being a Canadian here and unable to change anything"

"Sorry world, we deserve it. You don't"

"RIP Democracy 1777-2004"

"I'm sorry, I don't even like oil!"


"We're so sorry - an no, we don't get it either"

"Obviously the NO CARB diet didn't work - no Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Bush"

This one is sent by from one from Europe: "I'm sorry about the election and Paris Hilton - good luck!"
I've wanted to go skydiving for the longest time, but no one I know is up for it (you chickens) so I have no one to go with! I thought about bunjee jumping too, but it's just bouncing up and down from an elastic so it doesnt seem as "adventurous" as skydiving, or even paragliding. It seem like one of those things you want to do once in your life time. I've heard tons of stories about how much fun it is, so I really want to try it out! As for it being dangerous...well so is driving a car! With all the maniacs driving around these days, and with our winter storms, would it be the same amount of risk? Maybe because we're all so used to the idea of driving so it's not scary. But doing things like bunjee jumping and skydiving arent your everyday activity, which is obviously part of its appeal. Try getting someone excited about driving around the block versus jumping out of a plane...it might be that they give you a weird look for both suggestions lol.
All in favor of me going skydiving say "aye"!
Monday, November 08, 2004
I usually don't get to drive around too much, other than to work or school - but let's face it, Mavis isn't exactly the most challenging drive. Today I missed my GO bus to go downtown for my class and so I had to take the car. Normally I don't mind driving to Toronto, just as long as it's not rush hour. I left about 4:14pm which is rush hourish I guess and I was good until I hit the Gardiner..(but mind you I did end up taking the wrong exit instead of following the 401...thats about the 4th time I've done that and had to exit at Eglinton just so I could turn around!!!) Once I got on the Gardiner I think every truck in the area somehow found and surrounded me. I hate that boxed in feeling on a highway! And of course when I try to change lanes the man in his little Mercedes SLK decides that would be the perfect moment to speed up and block me off. So I finally make it safe off the Spadina exit, whereupon I have to avert my gaze from the guys trying to get money from people waiting at the stoplight (it's not that I'm mean, it's just that I can't ask them to give me change for my only $20 bill can I??).

Thinking I've been through the worst of it, I calm down a little. But then I realize I havnt even come near the Chinatown area on Spadina....and since there are cars parked in the right lane, everyone is switiching in and out of the lanes, little old Chinese women are scurrying between cars trying to get to the streetcar that is making it way to its next stop, and every two inches I manage to crawl forward, I have to stop becuase the light changes. Parking at U of T is a whole other story...I thought UTM was bad, but here they're not so nice. I spotted the perfect place to park right in front of my class, and got cut off by some other person who couldnt wait until the girl in front of me finished her parallel park. I ended parking farther away and speeding to class because I was late, while trying to finish my iftaari consisting of a chocolate chip granola bar. I always find the drive back muuuccch better and without any complications...anyone else have TO driving stories?
*I changed the link tot he first video, so it should be the right site now*
I was first introduced to Jon Stewart when he appeared on Jay Leno. For those of you that don't know, he hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Recently, he wrote a book entitled America: A Citizen's Guide to Democrazy Inaction and went on CNN's Crossfire (you know the show where they have 3 old guys and that young one with the bow tie?) to talk about it, and the upcoming election.I just downloaded and finished watching the clip, and his appearance was priceless, to say the least. He's hilarious and smart at the same time. He took the opportunity not to plug his book or his show, but instead to roast the Crossfire hosts over what he feels is harmful to America. Basically, Jon Stewart feels that Crossfire has "a responsibility to the public discourse, and [they] fail miserably". Even if you're not into the election, I strongly encourage you to watch the clip...People like him don't come along often!
You can watch the interview here(play 200k version)
and Jon's Daily Show monologue following the Crossfire appearance. (play 200k version)


well well well....i guess history does repeat itself...
It just goes to prove that 51% of Americans really dont have any clue about anything....

OH and sadly this includes many pro-Bush Muslims

Yes...they actually exists, and for those who went to ISNA you've seen them in action. It's a sad day when we have to see something like this...as if Muslims didn't have enough enemies as it is...we have to turn against each other. This blog isn't meant to be entirely political...but you have to admit that whether you care about politics or not, it is a big part of your life. It seems we're more interested in US politics than Canadian (come on...there's only so much of Paul Martin that is funny...) only because their global policies have a greater effect on us. Ok no more rants about the election....I saw it coming and wasn't completely surprised, but I had a little hope...

Hi! I've had this blog thing set up for a long time now but never got around to posting because I figured I didnt have much to say, and what I did have to say, I'd tell the people who'd want to hear it! But then the US 2004 Election happened...and I realize I had a lot more to get out than I thought. Plus my friend Sarah has one and it looks like fun so I thought I'd give it a try! You can see hers at sarasuco.blogspot.com (ok Sarah, now you have to hype up my site =P). So I'll try my best to keep up to date with this thing...my wandering thoughts, or articles...etc. Oh and you can have the privilege of following me in my law school application adventures...which I'll post lots about soon enough!