Thursday, December 30, 2004
Shopping anyone?

So the Christmas holiday has passed and for all us non-celebrators, tis the season for shopping! Did you know that in the US they don't have Boxing Day?? Sure they have the post-Christmas sales, but whats the fun in it if you don't get an extra day off purely meant for taking advantage of sales? Well in my case it's more like the sales take advantage of me! Yes, as I've said before, the salespeople of the world are out to get me. They see me coming from miles away, content with the fact that I'm innocent prey who is willing to whip out some plastic card to purchase something she's not fully aware of why she's buying.... I blame the retail world. With all those big signs in their store windows promising me up to 50% off. Yeah I know it's "up to" meaning I could get anywhere from 0-50% discount. And the nicer things are usually 0% off (i.e. full price). Yet being aware of all the tricks hasnt exactly made me a wiser shopper. I'm an impulse shopper. I see what I like, and I buy it. None of this comparing products and prices in different stores. Because with my luck, it's usually gone by the time I come back. And that's what receipts are for. After a long process of trial and error, I've learned to safely tuck my bill away when buying something, so when I need to return it (after getting home and looking in the bag and wondering why the hell I bought it in the first place), it'll be easily found. So the lesson? When the salesperson says "Would you like your bill in the bag?", say "No, I'll hang on to it, thanks".


My first Islamic conference! I've now joined the ranks of the thousands who attend, and have attended, different conferences throughout time. Good feeling. RIS, aka Reviving the Islamic Spirit, took place in the SkyDome, and I was a volunteer for this 3-day event. To keep it short, I helped out, listened to some amazing lectures, bought way to much stuff at the bazaar (please refer above) and got really tired by Sunday night. All in all I had a great time, and look forward to the next convention. Though I don't think I'd volunteer again. Not that I didn't like helping out and being a part of the inside scheme of things, but by being just an attendee I can sit in on more lectures and be less pressured to be there for 9am each day and stay til the end.


I learned to play poker finally! Well sort of...I just sort of watched. But having played a little before I think I caught on ok. And taking from my shopping habits, I think I'd be a high risk taker if I really got into the game. I've gone to a casino a couple times (gasp! yes, it's true...) in Nevada and Las Vegas (gasp! again! who's the high roller now ;)?) But having done only played the slot machines I didnt find the experience too exhilirating. The last time I went, I was stuck between to Chinese women who kept looking over at my machine when I pulled the lever. And as soon as I'd win something they'd stare at me, then back at the machine and I know they were wondering when I'd leave. Sure enought when I did, they both jumped at it. Now things like those are funny. But playing 5-25cent machines isnt really. Maybe if I really was a high roller playing Blackjack or Roulette etc then I'd be more into the whole thing, but I'd rather not. Money is hard enough to come by, so I'd like to keep what I have (to pay of the credit card bills from the shopping lol...kidding!). But if I were playing with someone else's that's a different story ;)

I'm trying to think of one New Year's resolution, but havent had much luck. I think what I will stick with is doing more volunteer work. I want to join the United Way or something where I can do more than just office work. That's the boring and easy side. I want to do things where I can go out and actually meet the people I want to help. Any suggestions?

Few more months to go for law school acceptances....I'm applying to the rest of my schools by next week or so....pray people, pray!!
Sunday, December 19, 2004
I'm finally finished school! Yes, that means I've gotten the degree, finished off all the extra credits, done the exams and now am free! Not counting the LSAT writing, application sending, acceptance waiting and my job that is...other than all those things, I'm doing well!

I feel ashamed boasting or talking about myself, but I'm happy because this week I got a promotion at work! I went from "Customer Relations Coordinator" (i.e. doing all the front desk and office duties) to "Financial Services Representative" (i.e. opening accounts, loans, etc). So it's a pretty good position, but I'm in it for the money! Sad and shallow? Yes =D. Hey but I have a voicemail box, and business cards! I think I'm getting to worked up, but it's nice to know you're work doesnt go unnoticed I guess! So that was the good news.

I went to Nathan Phillips Square by City Hall today to go skating...well more like watching! My shameful secret is that I never learned how to skate. My mom thought that swimming lessons and tae kwon do lessons would be much more useful in my future than skating. Because if I go overboard on a boat or need to save some poor drowning person, or if I'm attacked, I'll have the skills to get through the situation. Good intentions, but the bad thing is that I havent gone swimming in so long that I don't think I could save myself let alone someone else, and as for the tae kwon do, I got up to a green belt, but forgot everything I learned and I think in the face of danger I'd run the other way and call 911 as my "skill" to help the situation.

So "skating" was fun....I got to watch people fall, and thank God it wasn't me. Eventually I do want to learn, but I may just have to rent out a skating rink for myself because I'm terrified of learning in front of others because I know I'll look like a fool and be mocked!! But while watching I think I neared the point of frost bite, it was soooo cold!!! But hey I supported my friends by encouraging them on the ice, and watching their things, so in the end I was an integral part of the skating expedition.

Next week will be crazy...I know we'll be swamped at work because of the many days the bank is closed during the Christmas-New Years time. And RIS (Reviving the Islamic Spirit) Conference is coming up next week so I'll be volunteering there for the 3 days. Don't know what else to do with myself now that there's no school! Any suggestions...?
I'm a little addicted to Spider Solitaire and Pyramid!! What?!!? You don't know those games!!! You poor deprived child. But I am warning you, that once you start playing it's hard to stop!

It's like the time someone told me to play Family Feud on I thought, "Ok no big deal, a couple games and I'm out of here". HA! Famous last words. I was soooo hooked to the game, I'd play late into the night. Heck I even made friends in the Family Feud chat it's sad, but it was last summer when I was looking for a way to distract my self from my summer school classes. Fortunately it wore off with time, and I'm now finding the game addiction coming back (since I need more distraction from boredness) with the solitaire games...
Friday, December 03, 2004
I got this from my Greenpeace newsletter (yes, I'm a treehugger lol ;)). I never knew Kleenex was so evil!!!

As part of our campaign to protect Canada's Boreal Forest, Greenpeace has launched a campaign against the maker of Kleenex brand tissue products.

The campaign is intended to convince Kimberly-Clark, the company that makes Kleenex and other tissue products - to stop destroying ancient forests. They can easily do this by getting the fibre that goes into their products from recycled sources.

Currently, the Texas-based (they're not even from Canada!?) paper giant is responsible for cutting down large areas of Canada's Boreal forest: last year alone it used 2,550,000 metric tonnes of virgin fiber to produce its tissue products. Greenpeace has been asking the company to improve its practices and so far the company has refused.

We think it's time to let people know how Kimberly-Clark - and Kleenex - are contributing to the destruction of Canada's forests. We have launched a website,, that will keep you informed about this campaign, encourage you to get involved and let you tell Kimberly-Clark what you think of their forest destruction.
It doesn't take long, so do a small enviro-friendly and send them a free fax....afterall, if you're reading this, then it's likely you've got a little time on your hands! (it will only take you max 5 mins...please? Thanks =))

so maybe that's what happened...!