Saturday, January 14, 2006

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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Modern life is remarkable, but we’re still human beings with basic human needs. We need real community. We need satisfying and compelling work. We need health, play, love, and companionship. A century of remarkable technological advances can’t undo the millions of years of evolution that have made us who we are, and to pretend otherwise is to do ourselves a huge disservice.

-- Moby
Monday, January 09, 2006

A co-worker gave me a great idea today to end my frustration over which party to vote for.

Vote for the party that uses your favourite colour.

Now why didn't I think of that? Saves me from racking my brain time after time and coming up with no solution to the looming January 23rd federal election. I've never voted in a federal election to date, because I've never bothered to take an interest in political doings. Plus the Liberals always seem to win so I figured, why make the effort to go all the way down to the polling station just to have the inevitable happen. I mean, my vote couldn't make a difference...could it?

I can't say I'm especially partial to one party. I can't say it because I've never been overly impressed by any of them enough to be that way. Rather, the leaders of each party have always come off as whining toddlers who stamp there feet, have a frown on their face and try to use their grubby, messy hands to make their mark, good or bad, on the country and citizens. Reminds me of that diddy (not P.) "Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you (No you can't, yes I can - no you can't! Yes I can!)"

But these days, and maybe it's just North America, but the word politician automatically becomes associated with "liar". Scandals, broken-promises, shallow-promises, false smiles and verbal attacks seem so much the norm with politicians that it has become so difficult to know what party you believe in. (Some could say the same stereotype could be applied to lawyers and thier tendency to, um..shall we say, stretch the truth and make money off of misery? But really people, there are good laywers out there. I'll prove it. After I make my millions)

Decades ago people could define themseleves as either a
Liberal or Conservative. Now very few people will take such a staunch position, and some people are so confused to the point that I've seen many houses with both red and blue signs for candidates vying for the same position/seat. Having the NDP and Bloc Québécois and even the Green party offer some alternatives, but without much hope that they will make a big splash in parliament unless they gain enough seats.

I though talk radio would help me sort our some of the issues, but they've confused me more than before. Everytime I think I've figured it all out, more information comes to light that causes me to think twice about each of these parties.

Or is it leaders? It seems most people will choose their party according to how much they like or dislike the other leaders:

- Stephen Harpers has scary blue eyes. Though he looks smart with glasses.
- Paul Martin stutters too much in his speech.
- Doo-seppy (Duceppe)? Who the heck is that? LOL the Quebecers have their own party? Why?
- Layton...meh, why not, he seems ok. I like his mustache.

The more informed votes looks beyond the facial hair and speech mannerisms, and knows some fact and fiction about each party.

- Harper sucks up to America's Republicans. We ain't America. No war! Boo!
- Martin hid some stuff about that scandal thing that went on. I can't trust him.
- Seriously, who's this Doo-seppy guy?
- Layton works for the working class. I think that's the slogan. But what about economy...?

Then there are the know-it-alls who receive regular email updates about their favorite party and will defensively argue in their favour no matter what the stakes. I envy their loyalty and trust in the country and the system.

I, on the other hand, still eye each party and leaders with skepticism and distrust, because no party has gained my confidence. I like the NDP's ambitions, but I can't quite understand their plan on the larger scale for our country's vast amount of wealth and econonmy. When I look in favour of the Liberals, I see the history of scandals, unfulfilled promises, but a chance to keep a stable economy, Canadians out of America's war, and Stephen Harper out of office (the man really does have some spooky eyes).

The system isn't a great one, but it is all we have and I'm afraid more and more people are turning away from voting because they don't take the time or interest. But I've now realized that as I enter the workforce and continue into adulthood, the choices I make now will likely affect the near future so I've made an effort to get interested.

Regardless of your beliefs it's important to vote. When the likes of P. Diddy (or is it just Diddy now?) and other celebrities, are trying to sell you on voting, you know there's a dire need for youth involvement. Go to
Elections Canada (an independent agency responsible for running elections and referendums) to get voting information, and on January 23, vote!