Thursday, June 21, 2007
Being about the 6th day that I've gone with about 4 hours of sleep I'm really not quite sure if I'm really typing this or imagining I have....I'll have to check later on about 4am when I'm actually 'awake'. But thought I'd let the inquiring mind know that I am indeed alive and well (depends on your definition of "well" actually), but being the middle of the semester the professors have some sort of collective vendetta against us and are slamming us with readings, assignments, negotiations and like the majority of students, I'm treading water - but that's law school for you.

I had started and then stopped writing a number of posts because I get side tracked so if I did post it you'd have half a story or anecdote, which may leave you to think I dozed off and posted something without knowing or my blog was hijacked.

Next week will is quite literally a week from hell so I will update and reply to comments (sooooooo sorry for not replying to ones from last post!!!! Promise will do it soon!) in a couple weeks after I've caught my breath. I know I've also been tagged in a few things (thank you, thank you so much for thinking of me...I've not forgotten!) so I will have a flurry of updates soon!

Til then my only means of communication with the world is through cryptic Facebook messages, one-sided MSN conversations (the other person being the one conversing that is...again, sorry!) and phone conversations where I'm trying to figure out Fardon v Attorney-General of State --- and explain to my mother that I am not mad at her, nor am I depressed or on drugs and 'yes' I have eaten.

On the same note, do forgive me for not commenting on your blogs, though I will tell you that I am updating myself on them during my lectures and other moments of time.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Friday, June 01, 2007
"It's 11:10pm and I'm hungry - ate an early dinner in the library and there's nothing in my room to snack on (mental note: do groceries for room). I'm going to have to resort to vending machine munchies.

"Where the hell is my wallet? DID I LEAVE IT IN THE LIBRARY!?!??! OH NOOOOOOOOO! I DID DIDN'T I!? And now it's CLOSED!! What am I going to do?? Call the Security office? No...the old Aussie men will look at me like I'm strange and laugh. But then I NEED my money! What the - oh here it is. (mental note 2: get a brighter coloured wallet so it does not camouflage itself inside my backpack)...

"Bag of chips costs HOW MUCH?! $1.80?? That is highway robbery! Student robbery. I'm setting up a petition - "Lower Cost of Vending Machine Snack for Starving Students", "LCVMSSS" for short (Mental note 3: find out who to complain to about ridiculously high junk food prices.). Need more change....must hunt through messy room...

15 minutes later...

"Okay, I've searched through coat pockets, drawers, purses, backpack, shoes, pants, makeup case, fridge (still don't know how I found a quarter in there last time...) and I only have...$1.25??? Oh God what? One more search...

10 minutes later...

"So THAT'S where that hair clip went (mental note...some number...look under pillow for lost hair clips in the future). Still need $.55 ....I should give up and go to sleep. But I'm hungryyyyyyy. I miss mom. Mom would have food (mental note some number plus 1 - call mom).

"Must go to neighbour...hmmm it's 11:30pm, who'll be up? Loud Canadian-studying medicine guy? No...not him. Nice-girl-from-South-Africa? No I saw her while I went to the vending machine first on her way out for the night. OH! Giggly-Australian-business-law-girl! She's cool...yes!

2 minutes later...

"Aaaaand she's not home either. Great. Why does everyone have a life but me? Should I call a friend from another building...and embarrass myself for 55 cents? Nonononono....I have some dignity left at this point, despite searching my bathroom for change too..."

Just then my floor's RA came into sight from around the corner.

"YES!! YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! God Bless you Stephanie! May you always have exact change for every vending machine your eyes ever set on!"

Stephanie was more than happy to oblige and give me $0.55 so I skip down merrily to the vending machine and laughed in it's, glass.

"Take that over-greedy chip makers of the world! TAKE THAT! I have arrived and with EXACT CHANGE! And here I am putting it in...making my selection aaaand- WHAT THE!?"

Chips were stuck in the little spinning arm that holds them in.

"Oh holy...I can't believe this. All that crazy searching...CURSE YOU MACHINE!!!"

Shaking it didn't help. The chips sat snug in their corner, innocently staring at me. Alright. I was defeated. Nothing could be done that wouldn't either label me an idiot so off to bed it was.

I got to my room and changed into pajamas and was folding up my jeans when a small "thud" sounded. My eyes glanced down at the carpet and lo' and behold - at $2 coin. I could've cried.